Dear family,

As many of you know, Tom and I have owned a houseboat for a number of years. We have recently come to the realization that we are not using it enough to justify the yearly upkeep and cost of maintaining it. We therefore have two options. We can either put it up for sale or find a few people who are willing to split the yearly cost in exchange for a year on the lake.  We just spent the weekend up there and the lake is almost full promising a wholesome multitude of fun water activities, fishing, and swimming.  If you are interested in this family houseboat concept,  just let Tom and me know and we will discuss further.  The boat is on Lake McClure (3.5 hours for our house). We have a Larson speed boat to get to the houseboat and to enjoy water sports. It is stored a few miles from the lake. I have attached a few pictures from our recent trip.  The boat is fully furnished and sleeps as many as you can fit on the top deck, and a bedroom inside.
If you have ever had any interest in houseboating, this is the best deal you will ever get!! I promise!  😘😘
Laurence and Tom